The Pivot

Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum

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Good leaders anticipate; poor leaders react. Great leaders orchestrate change to generate extraordinary momentum, and to never stall.

This book serves you, the leader, in better orchestrating change and achieving momentum for your business, while creating a great workplace.

The Pivot introduces four stages of a well-orchestrated Pivot, and identifies six Key Indicators to track, starting now, as you position for a performance breakthrough:

    • Clarity get clear and be clear (about strategy, including vision, purpose, values and direction)
    • Mastery Mindset open, growing mind
    • Nimble Decision-making best next step
    • Strategic Thinking play the movie (think through to the likely end before a judgment call)
    • Talent Adaptability roles fit strategy
    • Coaching manager as coach

Praise for The Pivot

In The Pivot, Lori Michele Leavitt introduces a profoundly important new construct for getting everyone in your organization moving forward toward your strategic objectives. She calls it Aligned Momentum, and it’s how the most successful leaders enable their organizations, at all levels, to initiate change and become more nimble, flexible, and adaptable, and speed miles ahead of their competition. The Pivot is full of compelling stories and examples of how successful organizations have used Aligned Momentum, as well as practical applications that you can put to immediate use. Mastering The Pivot is not optional. It is absolutely essential in a world where misalignment is costing businesses their talent, their competitive advantage, and their customer’s trust.
Jim Kouzescoauthor, The Leadership Challenge and the Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University
Lori Michele Leavitt provides a fresh perspective on a well-worn term: pivot. She introduces the concept of Aligned Momentum and shows how to achieve it in order to execute the type of transformation that every business must undertake if it wants to survive today’s challenging and ever-changing environment. Read The Pivot to learn from Leavitt’s extensive experience helping companies thrive and grow through organizational momentum and culture change.
Denise Lee Yohnauthor of What Great Brands Do
Reading The Pivot will remind you what most of the business world has forgotten—long term success is almost never based on a big budget, headline-worthy strokes of strategic genius, but rather of small, seemingly infinitesimal, but ultimately highly significant, small steps. It’s the turns we don’t take, it turns out, that can take even long established businesses down. Lori Michele Leavitt offers up a new and insightful look at a multitude of ways in which the world’s most progressive business leaders are changing their companies, their markets and their own mindsets. One page, one Pivot, one positive insight at a time, Lori’s new work lays out a plethora of small, practical, meaningful tips that can take you and your organization to the next level! Take careful notes—the Pivot that might make or break your business is probably somewhere in its pages.
Ari Weinzweigco-founder of Zingerman's Community of Businesses and author of A Lapsed Anarchist's Approach to the Power of Beliefs in Business
I love this book! Understanding the art and the need to occasionally Pivot is essential to founders and their teams. Lori’s approach offers both a good read as well as a hands-on resource. Go over sections with your team. Use it to spark discussion in meetings. I intend to use The Pivot as a valuable resource for the rapidly growing startups I advise.
Frumi Rachel Barrauthor of The CEO’s Secret Weapon
Lori Michele Leavitt’s book, The Pivot, presents an effective methodology for anyone aspiring to be a powerful leader in this unprecedented twenty first century global economic reality. As an MBA, management consultant, and executive coach, Lori (“The Pivot Catalyst”), is intimately aware of the rapid and unpredictable changes, growing complexities — as evidenced by multiple industry disruptors and accelerating, exponential growth.. not to mention major political disruptions, demographic dislocations and even major changes with Earth’s climates. In this book you will find that Lori shares her wisdom and actionable methods with great clarity. She has captured the essence of pivoting and its practical applications.. highly recommended reading!
Jim Bergquistpresident and CEO of Creative Business Futures, Inc. consultant/coach for Seattle’s World Famous Pike Place Fish Market
Employees will do their best work when they’re a part of an organizational culture that empowers them. In The Pivot, Lori Michele Leavitt shows us how to build and maintain an engaging culture, regardless of your current organizational dynamics.
Sharlyn LaubySHRM-SCP. president of ITM Group Inc. and author of the blog, HR Bartender
Every leader should care about their employees’ success and empower them to initiate change by identifying the best next step – which is not always the step that worked previously in a similar situation. In The Pivot, Lori Michele Leavitt reminds us that transformational change happens when many people make small shifts that are well orchestrated because employees understand how they contribute to the purpose of their organization. Lori has developed a very powerful set of key indicators to achieve the aligned momentum required to drive successful transformations.
Andrea SturmPresident & CEO of Samson Rope
The Pivot helps answer, “How do I attract the best and brightest and how do I keep them engaged?” Leaders influence, and leaders anticipate. In The Pivot, Lori clearly explains what should be done to develop a high performing culture that is prepared for change. As someone who coaches companies from $1M to $325M it’s clear that what you tolerate, you encourage. If you are tolerating something you should not be, read this book and Pivot.
Ken ProctorCEO of The Grey Pointe Group, LLC.
If you want to lead your organization from where you are to where you want it to be, you must identify and orchestrate The Pivot. Lori Michele Leavitt has provided a road map, rich with brilliant practical insight. I highly recommend The Pivot to every leader who wants to see their organization achieve much greater performance.
Glenn Hansenpartner of One Accord Partners
The Pivot shows how to be truly nimble — essential to any business today. A must-read if you want real advantage in today’s rapidly changing world!
Dan BarnettCEO, The Primavera Company, International Speaker/ Consultant, former President of Van de Kamp’s
With The Pivot, Lori Michele Leavitt adds a new dimension to the world of enterprise and its contributions to society. We need this book. Leavitt makes a cogent argument for business leaders to fully engage every employee to attain vision, and even to accomplish a mission. She proves her understanding of business by being mindful of risks, real or perceived. Unlike many business publications aimed at coaches and others learning that craft, The Pivot speaks to all who themselves lead or aspire to that objective. Author Leavitt provides meaningful examples, stories and guidance within the book, and tops it off with an accessible assessment tool. This tool is a clear added value, so graciously shared with readers.
Steve BarchetMD, Rear Admiral, MC, USN Retired
The Pivot provides important advice that every leader needs to build a great business. Author Lori Michele Leavitt describes a leadership culture in which all employees are aligned towards an organization’s goals and help build the momentum needed to achieve business success. When alignment occurs, the company is ready to Pivot from the status quo to a level of performance that exceeds those of competitors. So, what does a leader need to do to initiate a Pivot and begin the journey towards great performance? Leavitt identifies the cultural norms needed for this process to take place. The Holy Grail of any business is to become the preferred provider of products and services in the markets it serves. Leavitt provides the roadmap to achieving preferred provider status, that is, the provider that customers and clients to go first.
Stan SilvermanFounder and CEO of Silverman Leadership, speaker, advisor and nationally syndicated writer on leadership, entrepreneurship and corporate governance, former CEO of PQ Corporation
The Pivot clearly lays out how Aligned Momentum is a product of preparation, planning and orchestration. The author provides a blueprint that can serve all leaders and companies. The lessons from The Pivot will be valuable to our clients. I will make sure to give a copy to each of our coaches.
Stephane PanierFounder & CEO of BetterManager
Whether you run a small neighborhood business or a Fortune 500 company, survival depends on continually adapting and innovating. In The Pivot: Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum, Lori Michele Leavitt shows how enlightened leaders effect change through clear communication of goals. Clarity and repetition ensure that everyone in your organization is aligned with those shared goals.
Robert Spectorco-author, The Nordstrom Way to Customer Experience Excellence: Creating a Values-Driven Service Culture