Pivot to Clarity

Get Clear, for You. Be Clear, for Others.

Success increases with Clarity.
Pivot to Clarity is your guide to getting clear and being clear, so that your bold vision and strategy can be brilliantly executed through others.

You are a Leader.
You are looked to for direction toward an inspiring vision. Are you clear about where you are headed, and why?
You influence and model the way for others. Are others receiving a clear message from you?

Successful people have an edge; they are clear about where they want to go.

Great leaders take clarity a step further; they ensure every person shares clarity on the journey to success, together. Whether you seek greater personal clarity, or to be a more effective leader, this book will point the way.

Praise for Pivot to Clarity

Clarity ensures that everyone in your organization is aligned with the shared goals. Clarity also is for you, as you live your best life, and be your best self. In Pivot to Clarity, Lori Michele Leavitt offers up ways leaders are gaining clarity and orchestrating successful pivots in their organizations, leadership and lives.
Chip ConleyFounder, Modern Elder Academy and New York Times bestselling author
Clarity is key to making good risk choices and navigating uncertainty. In Pivot to Clarity, Lori Michele Leavitt combines compelling stories, key insights, and actionable ideas to make this book an important tool on your own journey to clarity.
Michele Wuckerauthor of The Gray Rhino and You Are What You Risk
We focus so much on the work and getting the job done…but outcomes can end up less than we expect. We may begin with a vision, but at times we get caught up in the weeds and aren’t noticing how people are doing, if they are clear, or if we are all working together well. The vision gets neglected. In Pivot to Clarity, Lori Michele Leavitt reminds us to find balance with our vision and mission (where and why) and the who.
Jay JuliusPresident of Se’Si’Le, former Chairman, Lummi Indian Business Council
Leaders lead. The best leaders lead with clarity. They know what they have a passion for – what they really care about. Pivot to Clarity is about finding clarity for yourself, to get clarity for everyone. It is a ‘must read’ for any leader looking to take their organization to where it can be in the future.
Dan BarnettCEO, The Primavera Company, International Speaker/ Consultant, former President of Van de Kamp’s
In the era of extreme uncertainty in which we’re living, when so much of what once seemed solid now seems to be on shaky ground, Lori Leavitt’s Pivot to Clarity is a book we all need to read. It offers a clear, straightforward path past our fears and into a place where we can caringly make our life and leadership dreams come true. Referencing many of the world’s best-known leaders, Lori offers practical tips, insightful ideas and a call for increased consciousness and creativity! Take a couple slow deep breaths, settle in, take notes, and get ready to get yourself heading towards health and happiness.
Ari Weinzweigco-founder of Zingerman's Community of Businesses and author of A Lapsed Anarchist's Approach to the Power of Beliefs in Business
Personal clarity begins from within, secures its roots, then branches out to touch those around us. Leavitt explains how each of us must lucidly communicate to ourselves and others in order to reach individual and team objectives. And she does so with clarity.
Robert Spectorauthor of The 120-Year-Old Start Up: The Nordstrom Way to Embracing Change, Challenges, and a Culture of Customer Service
Influencing without authority is a must-have but often elusive leadership skill. You can’t just share your big idea and expect others to start behaving differently to help make it happen. You need to orchestrate a pivot to clarity, and Leavitt’s new book will show you the way.
Karen CatlinLeadership Coach, and author of Better Allies
Leaders who communicate clarity in vision, purpose and values create a singular, intense focal point that inspires confidence, empowering motivation and resilience in themselves and others. Lori Michele Leavitt, in Pivot to Clarity, describes how shifting step by step toward greater clarity can help you pivot from where you are today to greater success tomorrow.
Michael McIntoshCEO, 21 Triangles
Without a clear purpose, you risk spinning your wheels following other people’s agendas rather than our own. Spend time with this inspiring book so you can take charge of your own life and lead others with clarity and compassion.
Anne Janzerauthor of Get the Word Out: Write a Book That Makes a Difference
To LEAD is a choice. HOW to lead is a choice. How TO BE as a leader is a choice. WHO to lead is a choice. WHAT to lead is a choice. WHERE to lead is a choice. A leader or aspiring leader can ignore or be victimized by so many choices…or they can make the choices that are right for them. In Pivot to Clarity, Get Clear for You. Be Clear for Others. Success Increases with Clarity, Lori Michele Leavitt shows how.
Peter DiGiammarinoCEO, IntelliVen
The most effective leaders have self-awareness. Their values are well-grounded, which helps them make better decisions. In Pivot to Clarity, Lori Michele Leavitt describes the journey of many successful leaders as well as those who were less successful. Clarity of purpose, tone and culture were major drivers in all cases. I highly recommend Leavitt’s book to all current and aspiring leaders to assist them on their journey towards success.
Stan Silvermannationally syndicated weekly columnist on leadership at American City Business Journals, author of Be Different! The Key to Business and Career Success
Pivot to Clarity is as an excellent book for guiding your search for personal and professional clarity in order to enhance your leadership abilities, accomplishments, and legacy. Lori Michele Leavitt points out that we must be inspired if we expect to inspire others, and that achieving clarity requires us to pause our busy work and personal lives for deep, creative thought. Leavitt shows us how clarity can bring people into alignment, and turn a dream into a strategic vision and that vision into a reality.
Peter HaugProfessor and Program Director, Mfg. & Supply Chain Mgmt., Western Washington University.