Lori and her team will guide you through the strategic challenges that slow momentum; You'll get back on track, or better! An engagement begins with group assessment and/or individual coaching sessions. We'll uncover priorities and create a plan to move through, around or away from what is slowing momentum or pulling the business off-track.

Our Consulting and Coaching Services improve your business performance and results through:

Culture Change

CEO's who invest in our services to support culture change benefit from


  • Discover the culture desired by leadership, and why
  • Assess current culture through surveys, assessments, group facilitation and individual interviews
  • Iterative process (with optional software) to support moving the culture from how it is today to the desired future
  • Identify milestones, set up measurement system, communication plan and ongoing review process

Performance Momentum

CEO's who invest in our services to support performance management benefit from


  • Map organizational strategy into key objectives
  • Cascade strategy in a meaningful way, down through the organization
  • Define objectives and assign relevant measures for each level in the organization
  • Support leadership in creating initiatives to achieve milestones
  • Optionally cascade organizational objectives into personal scorecards for complete alignment

Gap Assessment & Closure

CEO's who invest in our gap assessment & closure services benefit from


  • Identify the position, readiness, excellence or other critical objective the organization is not yet achieving
  • Assess current state through surveys, assessments, group facilitation and individual interviews
  • Iterative process (with optional software) to support moving from the current state to the desired state
  • Initiate ongoing review and training process

Groups-Inhouse & Peer

CEO's who invest in LML's group facilitation benefit from


  • A safe place for discovering what's possible, who cares, and the fit for each team member or peer
  • Meaningful and relevant input to the group process to foster deeper communication
  • More effective meetings with training to that end, including by observation and participation
  • Actionable strategic planning sessions and retreats

Scaling Up

CEOs with proven success and aiming to scale up benefit from Scaling Up Coaching.


  • ALIGN: Get faster results with less effort by developing organizational clarity and accountability.
  • ACCELERATE: Develop strategic advantage over competitors and position yourself as a market leader.
  • ADVANCE: See your company’s reputation and revenues soar as employees fulfill 100% of all promises.

Executive Coaching

CEO’s who invest in executive coaching with LML benefit from


  • The undivided and confidential attention of an experienced business executive as a coach
  • Meaningful and relevant feedback that keeps you moving forward
  • Awareness and a fresh perspective
  • Expert advice directly from the coach or indirectly from the LML thought-leader network
  • Access to a private peer community
  • A trusted confidante with the skills to help you succeed
  • That extra push to stay accountable toward achieving what matters most to you and your business

Acquisition Due
Diligence & Integration

CEO's who invest in our services to support due diligence & integration benefit from


  • Work with leadership team to identify fit with strategic objectives, SWOT, mission, vision and core values
  • Support creation of M&A team
  • Meaningful and relevant assessment of targets and opportunities (our specialty is due diligence of people/cultures performed in-concert with your internal team's financial checklist and modeling)
  • Recommendation and integration support (also see Culture Change)

Technology Selection
& Readiness

CEO's who invest in our technology selection & readiness services benefit from


  • Discovery and planning with a trusted and objective advisor skilled across a variety of industries and company types
  • Non-technical time with management and key SMEs to support culture and work-flow changes, to speed adoption and productivity
  • Meaningful and relevant assessment and feedback about productivity and affect on culture, that keeps you moving forward
  • Specializing in performance management, business intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT)

translating complexities into action, with sustainable results

aligning people with what you want/your strategy

leveraging technology to keep momentum and gain quick wins

connecting you with the right people, assets, services and technologies

guiding leaders toward break-through performance, with less risk